Hi there!
Do you really want to hear all about me?  Probably not.  But since you made it to my about me section, I’ll give you a bit of info about me…

First of all, I love movies.  We go see movies a lot, and the DVD / Blu-ray collection is awesome.  I bought my first DVD when there were less than 50 titles available.  That makes me an ‘early implementer’.  SWEET!!!!  In those days it was tough to find new releases.  Use the Movies menu item above to see more.

I also really love computers.  I took my first computer class in the 5th grade but I was more interested in the games than programming.  I then got more involved during college when I started selling machines for a computer store.  I was putting them together piece by piece and programming on the side in Basic, Pascal, and C.  I’ve been in support roles, a LAN administrator and now more on the programming / applications side.  I’ve gotten into the handheld PDA market for work as well.  You can see my Resume if you would like.

My other hobbies include music, model building, softball, ski, racquet ball, tennis and hockey.  

You’ll find lots of stuff on these topics and more within these pages.  HAVE FUN!!!