University of St. Thomas , St. Paul, MN
    Bachelors Degree in Quantitative Methods / Computer Science
    Night School, 53 semester credits (Full Time) 26 months, GPA 3.1
Valdosta State College , Valdosta, GA
    Vice President, ACM local Chapter

Extensive programming and analytical experience in a variety of application languages.  Programming knowledge includes Microsoft ASP.NET using Web Services, C# and Visual Basic .NET, Java (WAS8), Powerbuilder, Visual Basic (including Pocket PC), Lotus Notes application development, Microsoft Interdev, classic .asp (with COM+ connections), Java, C and the Palm Pilot OS. 

Database experience in SQL Server Enterprise, DB2 Mainframe, SQLAnywhere, and Microsoft Access databases. 

Internet and Intranet page creation and development, including WordPress, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and MySQL programming. 

Complete knowledge of computer software, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, and a wide variety of applications for both office and home usage. Extremely fast learner of additional tools.

Extensive hardware knowledge including installation and troubleshooting all types of hardware and software drivers – including drives, peripherals and expansion devices. 

Excellent ability to work with members of a team and providing training for users of all skill levels (classroom and one on one).  Excellent oral and written communication skills including development of user guides and related system documentation and materials.   Ability to provide mentoring and technical leadership for multiple programming team members.

Present:   Travelers / St. Paul Travelers Companies / St. Paul Companies

Current Title: Technical Lead / Sr. Information Engineer
Duties : Heavily Involved in the analysis, design, coding, integration, support and enhancements of distributed internet/intranet and client/server applications and related databases for a nationwide user base. Responsible for providing technical direction and standards processes for a development team – including employee, contractor and off-shore resources. Providing individual training and phone support for both end users and the programming team.  Provides technical solutions to a nationwide business group, including research in new handheld technologies and programming technologies (.net, portal framework).  Technical leadership and programming resource on several projects running at the same time.

Information Resource Specialist / LAN Administrator
Duties : Provide primary computer and hardware support for leading edge Education Center, including A/V equipment and projection systems and classroom setup and refresh of computer systems. LAN administrator for Novel file servers. Provide end user support for several departments using a variety of software tools. Develop instruction manuals for nationwide distribution of software packages and procedures

Commercial Account Technician
Duties : Part of an integrated underwriting team providing rating and coding support using automated and manual systems.  Developed complex underwriting rating worksheets using Microsoft Excel for Nationwide usage.

Software Etc / Computer Command (Training Specialist)
Provided extensive hardware installation and computer training to end users of all skill levels and abilities.

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