DeAgostini Falcon

I’m subscribed to the DeAgostini Millenium Falcon model. At the end it will make a 1:1 replica of the large filming model for “The Empire Strikes Back”. It will be massive at over 3 feet long and contain quite a bit of detail. Here is my build diary for this model.

PLEASE NOTE: It will take over a year just to get all of the pieces, not counting any touchup and building.

This is what each monthly pack will look like – 4 issues of the magazine each with corresponding parts bubble:

Pack 1Issue 1 PartsIssue 2 PartsIssue 3 PartsIssue 4 Parts

To Start with I’m trying to decide what to do with the cockpit parts. The stickers are decent, but I’m researching some photo etch parts to make it look better. I also want to get the second laser cannon and then smooth out and re-paint both of them at the same time.

So for now, I just assembled the frame pieces from the first pack. This is just above the ramp:
Frame Top Assembly 1Frame Top Assembly 2

The next pack showed up, with the rest of the cockpit pieces:
Pack 2
Issue 5 PartsIssue 6 PartsIssue 7 PartsIssue 8 Parts

OK I worked out what I should do with the cockpit. I ordered some etched brass flooring and some photoetch airplane cockpit items.
I cut out a brass sheet to fit the cockpit floor, primed it with Grey primer, applied a silver and black wash to the floor.
Cockpit 1 - FloorCockpit 2 - Floor PaintCockpit 3

Here’s the finished product with all the console pieces in place:
Cockpit 4Cockpit 5Cockpit 6

Pack 3 just showed up on 5/19, with some more interior and frames:
Pack 3

Issue 9 Parts

Issue 10 Parts

Issue 11 Parts

Issue 12 Parts

Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon. :)