There’s nothing like seeing a movie in the theatre!

I’ve enjoyed movies for many, many years. The first film I remember seeing is Snow White, when my dad took us when we were little kids. It was a few years later, but Star Wars was the catalyst for my obsession with the movies. Needless to say, Star Wars was a 126 minute escape for me and I enjoy replicating that feeling watching films in the theatre and at home.

I’ve been keeping track of the movies I’ve seen in the theatre since 1984. You can see the entire list of them in the Movies Seen section.

Of course, it helps to have a nice home theatre to watch movies. I originally bought laserdiscs and stayed almost completely out of tape (I only own a handful of movies on VHS). I started buying DVD’s when there were less than 30 titles available – Best Buy only had a single 4 foot rack to display them on. You can check out all of my DVDs in the My Music Media section.